Lisa Malmer Johnson

Once the direct appeal process is complete, a person who is convicted of a crime in an Indiana court has a right to challenge their conviction and sentence through a Petition for Post-Conviction Relief (PCR). A PCR is filed in the trial court after the direct appeal process has been completed. Unlike a direct appeal, a PCR gives the convicted person the opportunity to introduce new evidence and present testimony that was not presented at the original trial.

With almost two decades of experience handling PCR's, I will comb the record for viable issues and give you a realistic assessment of your chances for winning post-conviction relief. If your case has a viable issue, I will provide vigorous representation at a PCR hearing and in an appeal from the post-conviction court's decision if an appeal is necessary.

I have litigated many PCRs in Indiana trial courts and successfully negotiated sentence modifications with prosecutors in many other PCR cases. I have handled many appeals of post-conviction court decisions to the Indiana Court of Appeals and Supreme Court of Indiana.

My experience and expertise allows me to offer top notch representation in Post Conviction actions for clients or in support of other attorneys for whom post conviction action is only an occassionally necessity.

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